22 August 2005
Javascript: Ten Years Squandered
Several technologies integral to the explosion that is "the web" are ten years old as of 2005, including ColdFusion, Java & PHP.  But let's not forget Javascript -- or, on second thought, let's.  Because Javascript came into being to enable client side form validation, and after ten years we are hardly closer to doing this correctly than in 1995.  AJAX is not the answer -- other than for simple logins where interaction with server side data is necessary anyway -- because AJAX introduces potential network latency and thereby defeats the original purpose.  JSON, being parsable on both the client and server, gets us partway, but not all the way there, as regular expressions, which are vital to form validation, are prohibited.  And that's too bad for JSON, because with vision beyond being yet another data exchange format, it could rival AJAX for buzz and utility.
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11 August 2005
ColdFusionMX7 Servlet Development
How to start developing servlets under ColdFusionMX7 (in 150 words or less ;)
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2 August 2005
Plain JSPs, Just Plain Wrong
Plain JSPs, with business, data access, and view logic rolled into one, should never be used for anything but the quickest and dirtiest prototype.  Period.
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