19 April 2006
Ajax Hacks Butchers Javascript
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Javascript programming has finally come to be considered enterprise-ready due to the advent of Ajax.  Sadly though the Oreilly "Ajax Hacks" book threatens to reverse this upsurge in Javascript understanding.  Case in point is "Hack 22. Validate a Text Field or textarea for Blank Fields."  The author naively suggests you check form field values in a boolean context such as "if (this.value) .... "  I'd not encountered this particularly egregious faux pas in a book in a couple of years; such "validation" code is easily circumvented by entering spaces.  You should actually check for any non-whitespace characters with a regular expression such as "if (/\S/.test(this.value)) ...."  Shame on OReilly for letting this get to print and potentially undoing the current Javascript renaissance.
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