9 September 2005
Javascript Meets Ruby
Javascript meets Ruby, in the context of Kiko, a new online calendar application.  Specifically, Kiko has implemented a Javascript port of Ruby on Rails' "ActiveRecord" subproject, for implementing the "model" facet of an MVC (model-view-controller) application.  If record/model have you thinking data/database you'd be correct, and if you're thinking AJAX so Javascript can talk to the backend, you'd be correct again; see http://www.kiko.com/jsactiverecord/ for an abstract/tutorial and source code, a snippet of which is:
var me = types.user.create({email:"", password:"pass"});
Note, that is not XML being passed but rather a Javascript "object literal", or JSON.  No wonder Kiko, though barely a month old and still in beta, is being held up as a shining showcase for cutting edge Javascript technology.
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Java Objects ColdFusion Views
The August 2005 issue of a prominent ColdFusion magazine wastes several pages on OO with ColdFusion.  Let's face it, CFC's are about as object oriented as PHP4: neither are enterprise-ready.  For one, they both lack the "Interface" construct, an absolute must for genuinely robust object oriented architectures.  There are other shortcomings as well, but interfaces provide an acid test as to developers' understanding of objects: if you don't grok interfaces, you shouldn't be leading an enterprise OO project.  All is not lost for ColdFusion however, it's advantage over PHP4 being it's foundation: Java.  Let Java do the OO "heavy lifting", and then leverage the servlet API's getServletContext().getRequestDispatcher() functionality to subsequently forward both request and response to ColdFusion templates.  OO with ColdFusion itself is not necessary to its continued thriving, rather it can provide the view component of MVC under Java.
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